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NexPump, Inc. is the creator and leader of the latest technology in the sump pump industry. The NexPump Series has been tested and proven effective in extreme conditions when needed most and leaves its customers with the assurance and peace of mind that their homes will be protected. NexPump, Inc. is certain that you will be pleased with the outstanding quality, reliability and performance of our products.

NexPump, Inc. originated when its founder was refinishing his basement. While completing his project, he knew he was going to need a backup sump pump system to protect his basement from flooding. As he searched the marketplace for a quality sump pump system, he found no high capacity, comprehensive or Artificial intelligent systems. Having an electronics and computer engineering background, he put together a prototype pump and continued to improve it as time passed. In the years to come, he added many "must have" features, exclusive to NexPump, and in 2003 finished the production model and decided to put it to the test. The testing sites included real households with the NexPump installed as their primary pump. As the NexPump continued to work flawlessly for years in many homes, NexPump, Inc. was born.

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