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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are your products made?
A. All NexPump products are made in the USA.

Q. Can the NexPump be used as a primary pump?
A. Yes. If you go to our products page you will find specifics on each product. We make three products that can be primary units, the “Ai Dual” the “Ai Turbo” and the "Ai Rage".

Q. Where do I register my NexPump?
A. Click the link “Register My NexPump” near the top of the web page.

Q. Can contractors/plumbers be included in the NexPump notification process?
A. Yes. We have two email addresses reserved for contractors/plumbers. Just ask your customer to add you to the list.

Q. Are there any fees for the notification option?
A. Alert Notification is included with your purchase. There are NO additional fees for the notification option.

Q. What kind of battery do I need for the NexPump?
A. Any marine deep-cycle battery (group 27 or greater) that is 105 amp hours or more.

Q. Can I get a NexPump without notification?
A. Yes. Each unit is available without the notification option. You can also upgrade at anytime in the future.

Q. I lost my users manual and installation guide, where can I get another one?
A. Under the link "Support" click "Downloads" and near the bottom of the page are downloadable users manuals and installation guides.

Q. How long will the NexPump System last on battery life?
A. NexPump is equipped with a state-of-the-art monitoring system that calculates pump activity and battery life providing an accurate “hours remaining”, so you will always know how much life is left on the battery.

Q. How do I know which NexPump System I need?
A. The system you need is the one that can keep up with the amount of water your sump pit collects. How often does your electric pump run during a heavy rain? Also, consider how long of a power outage you want to protect against. This is the best way to gauge what system you need.

Q. My NexPump is beeping, what should I do?
A. First, you should look at the LCD display screen on the front of the NexPump System. Every 3 seconds the alert will scroll on the display screen telling you exactly what the issue is. If you have notification and have registered you will receive a phone call and/or email of the exact alert.

Q. I forgot my password to the customer login page. How do I get another one?
A. Click the "Log In" link near the top of the web page. Then click "Forgot your password".

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