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Ai Notification System
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• 24/7 Ai Notification System

Exclusive Features
The "Ai Notification System" is the ONLY sump pump in the world that has a totally integrated and comprehensive notification system. The integrated and comprehensive system couples with the "NexPump Advanced Diagnostics" to relay information to you via phone calls, e-mails and/or text messages so you can always have the "peace of mind" your basement is dry.

The "Ai Notification System" can relay 38 critical points that are monitored by the "NexPump Advanced Logic". Your NexPump will keep you informed of AC power loss, sensor, pump, battery and internal electronic issues. All NexPump Ai models are built with "Artificial Intelligence" which is constantly operating and making critical decisons. No matter what the alert, NexPump communicates, but more importantly works to solve the issue. Its "Backup Electronics", "Advanced Real-Time Diagnostics" and state of the art "Emergency Mode" are just a few of the key features NexPump uses to protect your basement.

The three notification options available are the: "Phone Line Module","Wired Internet Module" and "Wireless Internet Module". The "Phone Line Module" requires the use of a standard phone line to send notifications. The "Wired Internet Module" requires the use of an existing internet router or hub and the "Wireless Internet Module" uses an existing internet connection through a wireless router. Each of these options allow the "Ai Notification System" to relay alerts via phone calls, e-mails and text messages. The internet modules allow you to connect remotely to your system to check status, configuration, commands and more.

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The "Ai Notification System" allows you to register up to two phone numbers and four email addresses to receive notifications. The numbers and emails can be changed any time and includes space for plumber/contractor contact information so they can view alerts, too. All NexPump models are available with the notification option and there are NO RECURRING fees.

Sample Notification EMail

NexPump notification options:

ENi- Notification for wired internet connection with EMAIL ONLY notification
ENiw- Notification for wireless internet connection with EMAIL ONLY notification
AN- Notification for phone line with EMAIL and PHONE notification
ANi- Notification for wired internet connection with EMAIL and PHONE notification
ANiw- Notification for wireless internet connection with EMAIL and PHONE notification

***Notification options available on all NexPump Systems

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