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Why Nexpump?
Why NexPump? Most sump pumps today have an extremely high percentage to flood and unfortunately, your only indication that your pump has failed is a flooded basement! However, the NexPump, "The World's Most Intelligent and Reliable Sump Pump", can decrease your chances of disaster! The built in "NexPump Advanced Logic" monitors 38 critical points, while most others may only monitor two or three. When an alert is detected, the "NexPump Advanced Logic" will make quick decisions to maximize the chances for success.

Our product includes pumps and sensors that feature exclusive "Emergency Mode", "Backup Electronics" and "Dual System Components". It is the ONLY sump pump that has "Plumbing Detection" that can detect discharge clogs or vapor locks to make NexPump "The World's Most Reliable Sump Pump". The "Emergency Mode" operates pumps for any sensor errors, while the pump(s) take over as virtual sensors. We can operate indefinitely in this mode. Water detected? We will pump it out. No water detected? Pumps will turn on, then off. You will ONLY find this on the NexPump. We are the ONLY sump pump with a "Battery Life Monitor" that monitors conditions during a power outage and then displays the actual battery life in hours on the built in display. We also take pump activity and battery capacity into consideration, which can ONLY be found on the NexPump.

We invented the "Ai (Artificial Intelligence) Comprehensive Self-Testing", the integrated "Ai Notification System" (Phone Line, Wired or Wireless Internet Connections) and the "NexPump Advanced Logic". We were the first to apply for over 18 patents many years ago. Others claim to be the first, but are actually copies of our designs. As everyone knows, the copy is never as good as the original.

If you want the truth about sump pumps, start here at NexPump. Engineers started NexPump and work as the in-house designers. We do not take the technology from others, but instead the innovation starts here. No Outsourcing Needed!
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