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Ai Extreme Rage
• Minimize Flood Risk
• American Made Product
• Peace of Mind
• 24/7 Mission Critical Reliability
• 24/7 Ai Notification System

Standard Features:
• Self Testing every 12 hours: Components checked and pumps exercised for proper operation.
• Dual Sensors: Redundancy. High water alert system only with NexPump.
• Advanced Real-time Diagnostics: Logic detects plumbing problems, sensor errors, and more...
• Dual Batteries: Will support dual battery connection for twice the running time.
• Displayed Full Text Alert Messages: Built for easy diagnosing.
• Pump Hour tracking/stats: Only NexPump tells you how long your pumps have run.
• Plumbing Error Detection: Detects vapor locks, clogs.
• Operates on Electricity: Or battery when electricity fails.
• High-Tech Battery Life Monitoring System: Lets you know battery life in hours during power failures.
• User Friendly LCD Display: Easy to read to know status at a glance.
• Comprehensive Menu: Easy to use menu system to change system features.
• Audible Alarm: Lets you know issues with an alarm over 100db.
• Advanced Logic Design: Built in features only available on the NexPump.
• Advanced Microprocessor controlled: High-Tech microprocessor with advanced computer code.
Optional Features:
• Ai Notification Modules: Phone Line Connection, Wired Internet Connection, Wireless Internet Connection
• 24/7 Ai Notification System: Receive phone calls, email or text alerts to let you know of possible alerts
• 24/7 Internet Connectivity: Status, battery life, commands, A-OK status emails, remote configuration
• 24/7 Monitoring: Vacationing or working, NexPump will keep you informed
Model Features:
• Dual Pump: Typical discharge rate of 107 GPM at 10 Feet (with quiet check valves installed)
• 20-amp Battery Charger: Smart multi-stage, AGM compatible
• Limited 3 Year Warranty: Better than industry standard
• Primary or Backup System: Use with another primary pump or as your only sump pump
Available Models:
• Ai Rage (without notification)
• Ai Rage-ENi (Notification for Wired Internet Connection with EMAIL ONLY Notification)
• Ai Rage-ENiw (Notification for Wireless Internet Connection with EMAIL ONLY Notification)
• Ai Rage-AN (Notification for Phone line with EMAIL and PHONE Notification)
• Ai Rage-ANi (Notification for Wired Internet Connection with EMAIL and PHONE Notification)
• Ai Rage-ANiw (Notification for Wireless Internet Connection with EMAIL and PHONE Notification)
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